What We Do

Landscape Projects

  •  Landscape Design & Installation: Share with us your vision for your yard and let us put together a design and plan that will put your ideas onto paper and into action.
  • Plant Installs: Choose from a wide variety of plants that can add color, attract wildlife, produce edible fruits or give your landscape a delightful aroma. Native and drought tolerant plants work great for yards with little to no irrigation.
  • Mulch Installation: Choose from a variety of high quality mulches and composts that will add vital nutrients to your yard, and will give your yard a clean and rejuvenating look.
  • Retaining Walls: Create more usable landscape space and give added character and texture to your landscape.
  • Patios and Walkways: Patios and walkways are proof that your home doesnt end at your door, but extends and beckons outside, where all are invited to come and enjoy.

Seasonal Clean-Ups

  • Mowing, edging, and trimming of all lawn areas.
  • Weeding of landscape beds, patios and walkways.
  • Pruning of perennials, grasses, shrubs and small trees.
  • Clearance pruning of 8′ above all sidewalks/walkways and 14′ above city streets.
    Removal of dead plants or trees.
  • Removal of all yard waste to the nearest organic waste recycling center.
  • Add compost or mulch to your landscape beds to help with weed retention and nutrient cycling.

Landscape Maintenance

  • Weeding: Weeding of landscape beds is always done by hand… No nasty chemicals.
  • Pruning: Pruning of shrubs, small trees, and formal and non-formal hedges
  • Autumn Leaves: During the fall, all leaves will be raked up and taken to the nearest organic waste recycling center, or composted on-site if desired.
  • Mowing: Accessible turf areas mowed per customer service agreement. Grass clippings are mulched when possible, composted on site, or removed to an organic waste recycling center.
  • Trimming: Turf areas adjacent to curbs, sidewalks, driveways and patios trimmed.
  • Edging: Edging performed at start of service each season and maintained through the year.
  • Blowing/Clean-up: Sidewalks, patios, porches and driveways blown with each visit.
  • Organic Soil Treatment: Organic fertilizer and a soil treatment program customized to your soil type.
  • Dethatching and Aeration: Power raking and aeration, when needed, can virtually eliminate thatch problems.
  • Irrigation Maintenance: Maintenance, spring start-up, and winterization.

Other Services

  • Irrigation design and installation: Water plants and turf efficiently and effectively. All water run times are based on water requirements for specific plants and your soil’s profile.
  • Power Washing: Clean up sidewalks, patios, decks, siding and other hard surfaces to give your home a newer look and feel.
  • Cycle Compost Construction: Stop giving away yard and food waste and start putting it to work in your garden! A 3 cycle composting area constructed out of cedar wood can add a lot of value to your backyard.
  • Raised Gardens: Let us build a beautiful cedar bed that can add character to your yard and make gardening a breeze.